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A History of the Mustang Club of Ohio

Cars were always a passion for Francis (Frank) Fust.  Frank had always owned Ford products, and he fell in love with the Mustang when they first came out mid-year 1964.  His first Mustang was produced in April 1964 and it was a hardtop, bronze with a black vinyl top.  Frank and his family were living in New Jersey at the time. 

Frank was an FBI Agent and he met his wife, Laverne, when they both worked for the FBI in Washington D.C. Frank spent his entire career working for the FBI.  The FBI transferred Frank to Columbus in 1965, and he was the assistant executive in charge of the Columbus FBI Office until he retired in 1974. 


After moving to Ohio, Frank collected various Mustangs over the years.  He had three Mustangs stored in a building in Xenia, Ohio when on April 3, 1974 a tornado hit Xenia and demolished the building in which he was storing his Mustangs.  All three Mustangs were crushed.  Frank was able to prevent the National Guard from demolishing the building until after he was able to recover his Mustangs from the building.  He then had all three Mustangs totally restored at Medic Krieger Ford.    


George Krieger was a former FBI agent and he owned Medic Krieger Ford in 1974 when Frank retired from the FBI.  Frank and George had been close friends over the years.  When Frank retired, George convinced him to work for Medic Krieger Ford part time in the Parts Department.  Frank eventually decided to start a Mustang club and he created the Classic Mustang Club of Ohio on November 14, 1974.  George’s son, Doug Krieger, was working for the dealership when Frank started working in the Parts Department.  Doug was also a fan of Mustangs, and Doug and Frank connected on their love for Mustangs.  As a result of this close relationship, the Classic Mustang Club of Ohio held its first show at Medic Krieger Ford in 1976 on the grass in front of the Used Car Lot.  Medic Krieger Ford became Krieger Ford in 1977.

Krieger Ford has been a sponsor of the Mustang Club of Ohio (formerly the Classic Mustang Club of Ohio) and has hosted a Mustang Show at its dealership every year since 1976, except for 2015 when The Mustang Club of Ohio hosted the MCA Grand National and the show dates conflicted that year.


In 1991, Mark Morley had a 1973 red Mustang convertible.  He was at a car show at Alum Creek Park in Westerville OHIO where he met Jim McLeaster who also had a 1973 Mustang.  Jim had joined the Club in 1987.  Jim told Mark about the Classic Mustang Club of Ohio, and Jim got Mark to join the Club.  Frank Fust was the President at the time Mark joined and the Club had about 60 members.   Frank had a stroke in 1993 and Mark took responsibility for the newsletter to take that duty off Frank's shoulders.  Frank had a second stroke in 1994 and he passed away in May 1994 after the second stroke.  Frank had been President of the Classic Mustang Club of Ohio for twenty years.  Mark took leadership of the Club to keep it going.  Jim McLeaster became Vice President of the Club at that time and continued in that role during the period that Mark was President.


Being founded in 1974, it is understandable that the Club was initially incorporated for first generation Mustangs.  When Mark joined in 1991, the Club had been allowing newer cars, but it was not until May 1995 that Mark amended the Articles filed with the Ohio Secretary of State to change the focus of the Club to all generations of Mustangs. 

In 2003, Mark's wife had a job transfer to Florida and Mark and his wife moved to Tampa.  Ron Gallagher became the third President of MCO in 2003. 


Dan Trapp joined MCO in 2003. He became President in 2005 and continued as President through 2011.  Under Dan’s leadership, MCO hosted its first MCA National Show in 2008.


John Evans joined MCO in 2009.  He became President in 2013 and continued as President through 2019.  Under John’s leadership, MCO hosted the MCA Grand National Show in 2015.

Harry Webster joined MCO in 2011.  He became President in 2019 and continues as President today.