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4th Gen: '94 - '04

THEFT light is flashing
Brigit Elizondo
I have a 1998 Cobra. I had it running earlier this year, then the battery died. It was the alternator and battery didn't hold a charge. with no funds, I had to wait to buy one...then COVID hit. So after many months, I purchased an alternator and I went ahead and bought a new battery. I swap out the battery, everything seems normal. And I needed to start it to drive it across the stree to my neighhor who works out of his garage and he was going to install the new alternator. Then I try to start and the THEFT light won't turn off and I can't start the car. I had my neighbor help me and he had no luck either.
When I purchased this cobra, she was in a bit of sad shape. I only got one key and it wasn't an original key and no fob. I purchased an after marekt fob but didn't get to match it before the battery died and well you know the rest.
I have no clue what to do. I looked online but only saw advice when they had a key fob. Any any any advice will be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

PS I need to drive her. I haven't in months and it is making me very very sad. I miss hearing her rumble.
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