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Mustang Mechanics

Classic Mustang Restoration
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Hi Jim,

I recently acquired a 91 LX 5.0 Mustang and it has a rough idle and will stall on occasion but once moving and climbing the rpm runs fairly decent. The previous owner replaced the fuel pump and set the timing to the best of his knowledge but the car has been sitting for several years with very little use. I am looking for someone who can get this car running right as well as provide some insight on what it takes to do it on these cars. I bought it as a project for my son and I but my knowledge is a bit stretch on these newer computer controlled cars. It this something you would be interested in ?


MCO Members, my name is Jim Stookey, and I have been a MCO member since 2010. I currently have five mustangs, three which I am currently restoring (a 1966, a 1976 and a 1986). After 41 years in the banking business, I retired last year, and am now enjoying my passion which is restoring and working on mustangs.

I can perform most repair and restoration jobs, although I am not equipped to paint. My shop is behind my house in southern Delaware County near Hoover Reservoir. I might not be the fastest, but I do things right or not at all; and I am reasonable.

You can call me at 740-965-1075 or catch me at one of our MCO meetings if you have any needs that I can help with.
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